What Hair Styling Products Should I Use?


There are literally hundreds of hair styling products on the market, something for everyone! Picking the correct product for your hair can be confusing. Using a styling product or a combination of them is important. Products help style and protect your hair from heat. Let’s look at styling products categorically and how to use them. 

  • GEL – Gel is usually thick, clear and gives firm hold. I like to use it in wet hair, but it can be applied to dry hair also. Use a small amount, (less than a dime) on your “fingertips” so you can easily get the gel in the root area of  your hair for style support. Start at the thickest area of hair on your head. It’s better to take a small amount several times, making it easier to distribute. When used in dry hair it will be stiff and give a wet look. 
  • MOUSSE – Mousse is a foam and can be light or dense depending on how much conditioner is in it. It has a medium to light hold. It’s used for both blowing out the hair and diffusing curly hair. If your curly hair feels to “crunchy” when you use mousse you may be using too much. You can soften it by scrunching with your hands after it’s dry. Try scrunching a little mouse on curly hair if it gets frizzy while you’re drying it.
  • CREAM OR LOTION – The name says it all… creams and lotions are creamy and they have a light to medium hold. Use them in wet hair for a blow out or diffuse in curly hair for a soft natural curl. 
  • SETTING SPRAYS – Setting sprays help to give firm curls that will last all day. Spray into wet hair, then dry. If you want a very firm curl you can spritz again when your hair is dry before you curl it. Works great for curling iron curls, hot rollers and dry sets on velcro rollers.
  • WAX – A milky, soft consistency. Doesn’t have much hold but will give some shine. It’s for finishing your style, will separate strands and show off texture. Helps to create flicks and twists in the hair. Warm in your hands before applying to your hair.
  • MOLDING PASTE OR PUTTY – Stiffer and tackier than wax, light hold with a matte finish. Very good for defining layers, texture and creating flicks. Warm in hands before applying. 
  • KERATIN BASED CREAMS – These styling creams work particularly well for flat ironing the hair especially when they contain argan oil. The keratin and argan oil protect the hair from heat styling; damaged cuticle areas will be filled with keratin. When keratin is ironed onto the hair it gives amazing natural shine that isn’t heavy.
  • SMOOTHING SHINE –  Oily liquid that should be used sparingly for shine. Apply to dry dull ends and hair shaft, avoid root area. Helps to smooth frizz and reduce static. Also comes in a lighter aerosol form.
  • HAIRSPRAY – A finishing product that comes in both spritz and aerosol; light and firm hold. Use on dry hair, not so effective on wet hair. Be sure to lift and spray into the root if you want volume. Can be used to emphasize layers, texture and flicks.

Play with your products and don’t be afraid to make a “cocktail”; for instance you could mix a little styling cream into a mousse to make the hold a little softer. Be sure to warm the product up in your hands and distribute evenly. You want your styling product to be effective; choose the correct product for how you’re styling your hair, be it curly or straight; blow-out or flat-ironed.

Can you make your hair do “tricks” like you see in the photos in this post? With the right product your hair WILL behave, be protected from heat styling and have awesome shine!

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