ME RE-INVENTED! alias RedHeadDo

Me Re-Invented! Alias RedHeadDo!


Me Re-Invented

Shirley Aubin/RedHeadDo

My alias has been RedHeadDo online since I first got on the internet 15 years ago. So it was natural for me to use it in “rebranding” myself! It began with needing a new business card, which meant I needed a logo. I wound up with a fantastic designer from Michigan who created a unique character logo. Her name is Kathy VanHorn and her business is Red Lamp Design, From there I designed my business card and sent it off to Norm at Norm helped with some font issues and has been readily available to answer any questions and has great print pricing.

So then of course I needed a webpage… HOST MONSTER here I come! My boyfriend Don has been able to help me learn the rudimentary workings of WordPress, with great patience I might add. The internet community is amazing, you can learn how to do anything with the help of so many people willing to share their expertise. I still have work to do: a page with pictures from educational events I attend and pictures of client hairstyles… if they’ll let me post them! : ) I’ll be posting fun tips about hair and whatever else strikes my fancy.

My fun new illustrated logo is the basis of my re-branding… everything will have my new logo. In the near future you may even see me driving around in my sporty, yellow car with my logo in the back window!

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  1. Hi Shirley,

    Great work getting your WordPress site live and adding some valuable content for readers. Keep going!

    • RedHeadDo says:

      Thanks Alysha! I appreciate all the information your Tangible Words Seminar has provided to help me in my efforts. It’s all new to me, so it’s slow going… and summer is nearly here, so sitting in front of the PC isn’t very appealing right now. But I’ll keep plugging away! : )

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