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Hair Color-Mythology and Stereotypes Pt 2

Hair Color… Mythology and Stereotype Pt 2   How could we ever believe the stereotype of brunettes as bland or boring when we have the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rhianna, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez? Brown hair color has never been boring. Proof of it…? Talk about smokin’ brunettes! Check out actress Jane Russell from the movie “The Outlaw” back in 1943!… (more…)

Hair Color-Mythology and Stereotypes Pt 1

Hair Color… Mythology and Stereotypes Pt 1   I wanted black hair when I was 15… black as the night, and green eyes to go with it. Mom told me absolutely not, so of course I visited the drug store and bought a box of “natural blue-black”. When asked if my color was natural I’d tell a falsehood, totally normal… (more…)

How To Find A New Hair Stylist

HOW TO FIND A NEW STYLIST   So you NEED to find a new hair stylist… people switch salons for many reasons. Maybe you’re new in the area, you no longer “click” with your stylist or you’re bored because they haven’t offered you a new color or cut idea in years. Never fear, there are plenty of excellent stylists out… (more…)