Do I Need Professional Hair Care Products?


There are plenty of shampoos, conditioners and styling products on the market. So many in fact it will make your head swim! Why are there sooooo many? Are professional products better than over the counter? I’ll try to de-mystify this subject so you can make an educated decision about what you need for your hair care.

Let’s talk about professional products versus over the counter… there IS a difference.

  • Professional products have gone through intense research and development. More money is spent on development and less on advertising with professional products. A lot of thought has gone into making the product high quality.
  • Water is generally listed as the first ingredient in shampoo, even in professional products. The ingredient list doesn’t indicate what percentage of that product is water though. There’s less water in a bottle of professional shampoo, it’s concentrated and will last longer.
  • Professional products contain finer ingredients and a higher percentage of those ingredients. For example, you may feel that a professional shampoo doesn’t lather as well as a drug store product. That’s because a gentler lathering agent is used and it’s less drying to your hair and scalp.

You’ve just been to your favorite hair stylist and you have a great new color that’s vibrant and shiny and a haircut that falls right into place! Sure a professional blew it out for you and it’s their job to make you look fabulous, so they better be good at it! But do you know how much hair stylists depend on good products? We know exactly the right product to make your hair behave. There are MANY products that do all different things. Let your stylist suggest the right one.

What about cost? Are you already spending money on salon services? Why not protect your investment with the proper products? Professional products are hair and skin pH balanced and loaded with moisturizers. They also protect your hair from heat styling.

A word on purchasing professional products from your corner drug store.

  • Firstly, on average they are priced 10% higher than what you would pay at your local salon or spa. You’re not getting a deal.
  • Secondly, there’s no beauty professional there to help you choose the correct product for your hair type.
  • Thirdly, did you know that professional products are 100% guaranteed? BUT… not if you purchase them anywhere other than a salon or spa.

Next time you visit your favorite salon ask your stylist details about what they’re using and why. Don’t be afraid to make that purchase, it’s guaranteed. You just may find yourself having a lot more “good hair days” when you have the right tools!

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