Using a Crimping Iron for Texture


KMS California Textured Styles

From the comfort of home I attended a KMS California Webinar class tonight. Brian Bode and lead artistic director Simon Miller presented “Celeb Inspired Texture”. They used some interesting techniques to achieve the textures you see in the pictures above.

Curling the hair with a 1/4 inch curling iron and separating the curls gives the hair a 70’s inspired fullness as you see in the blonde style and the brunette at the top. You must gently separate the curls though so you don’t make them frizzy.

Using a crimping iron gives plenty of texture and volume to the hair. You can hide the crimping underneath as you see in the example with the redhead to the right. If you just crimp the root area you can add fullness at the crown. Another technique is to crimp the hair, but then use a large barrel curling iron to soften the crimp. Play with the texture… you don’t necessarily have to crimp from roots to ends!

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