Fun Beach Waves For Summer Hair!


It might not have felt like it this past week, but summer IS coming. Even though you’ll be having a good time at the beach, hosting backyard parties and maybe heading out for a summer vacation, there’s no reason NOT to have carefree hair that looks like you’ve spent hours on it.

You may have noticed the “beach waves” many celebrities are wearing… the loose, soft, tousled waves that look effortless and youthful. This look can be achieved in a number of ways and looks great on medium and shorter lengths as well as long.

1) If you already have natural wave or curl use a good hydrating shampoo like Biolage Hydratherapie Shampoo to keep your hair from frizzing. If it’s coarse and dry you may need a super hydrating conditioner like Biolage Ultra Hydratherapie Balm.

2) My favorite combination of styling products for beach waves on natural curl is Pure NV Versatility mixed with a little of the Pure NV Curl Gel. Always distribute the product evenly making sure to get the roots and ends too. It’s difficult to work with hair that’s half dry… it’s already taking on an “undesirable” curl pattern. It’s hard to distribute styling products evenly in dry hair, so re-wet your hair if you need to.

3) I like to flip my head over and dry the root area with warm heat on a higher fan speed with my dryer, only drying my hair about 60%. Let your hair finish drying naturally, you’ll have less frizz. If your hair is more wavy with less curl, try scrunching while you dry, it’ll help bring out more curl.

4) Once your hair is completely dry you can tousle it with your hands and break up the curl a bit.

For those who have straight hair you’ll have to work a bit more at it, but a curling iron or flat iron will get the same look for you.

1) Use a firm styling gel such as Biolage Gelee’ or Vavoom Forming Gel on your fingertips so you can work it in to the root area. Now use a setting spray like Biolage Thermal Activating through out and completely dry your hair.

2) There are irons in many shapes now; cones, ovals, round and you can even curl the hair with a flat iron. They all work. Here are a couple of tips for getting the beach wave look with a hot iron.

  • Make the curls random by using a couple of different iron sizes or shapes.
  • Don’t curl all the way to the root.
  • While the hair is still warm from the curling iron, pull the curl out away from your head for a   moment. It will elongate the curl and soften the look.

And finally for straight haired people. If you want the waves, but not the curling iron fuss you should consider having a salon professional put a permanent wave in your hair, it’s NOT your grandmother’s perm. Large rods are used, 15 at the most and placed randomly to give a very natural loose body wave.

Hair has been very straight and flat for several years now… and that’s fine, but change it up a bit and put some wave in there. Make it flirty, young and fun!

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