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Using a Crimping Iron for Texture   From the comfort of home I attended a KMS California Webinar class tonight. Brian Bode and lead artistic director Simon Miller presented “Celeb Inspired Texture”. They used some interesting techniques to achieve the textures you see in the pictures above. Curling the hair with a 1/4 inch curling iron and separating the curls… (more…)

ME RE-INVENTED! alias RedHeadDo

Me Re-Invented! Alias RedHeadDo!   My alias has been RedHeadDo online since I first got on the internet 15 years ago. So it was natural for me to use it in “rebranding” myself! It began with needing a new business card, which meant I needed a logo. I wound up with a fantastic designer from Michigan who created a unique character logo. Her name… (more…)